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Simethicone 100% ( Filix 110)

Simethicone is used as an anti-foaming / anti-flatulence agent in the manufacture of drugs. Their use in Pharmaceuticals is to combat intestinal gas.


  • Specially processed for Pharmaceutical versatility with excellent properties including low volatility and resistance to Silica Separation.

  • Produced in FDA approved facility, with dedicated product lines.


Shelf Life

Simethicone 100% has a shelf-life of 4 years from the date of manufacture when stored in ambient temperature in original unopened containers.


Low volatility allows for processing with all pharmacopoeia’s requirements for Simethicone


Pharmaceuticals combating dyspepsia like hyperacidity and flatulence, offered in different dosage forms like Simethicone Tablets, Oral suspensions as defined by various pharmacopoeia (IP/USP/EP/BP). The effectiveness of Simethicone as an anti-foam agent against abdominal foams has been universally accepted. Simethicone has gained its position as an anti-flatulence agent due to its chemical inertness and neutral behaviour.

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