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Product Name Short Description Action
Simethicone 100%
( Filix 110)
Simethicone is used as an anti-foaming / anti-flatulence agent in the manufacture of drugs. Their use in Pharmaceuticals is to combat intestinal gas.
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Simethicone Emulsion 30%
( Simul 73)
Simethicone Emulsion USP is a water dilutable, non-ionic emulsion containing 30% Simethicone USP by weight. It is highly stable over a broad pH range.
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Dimethicone is used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic applications. It is a clear, colorless and odourless liquid.
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Silicone Emulsion
(Remsil 35)
Simethicone Emulsion is a water-dispersible form of Dimethicone. It is composed of Dimethicone, suitable emulsifiers, preservatives and water.
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Simethicone 50% is a free-flowing powder used in the manufacture of Simethicone tablets.
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